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John 5 to score next Rob Zombie film project, ’31’

Rob Zombie 31

It was announced via a teaser video, posted on his official website, on Friday (16 May), that Rob Zombie will be working on a new mysterious project called ‘31‘. The film career spanning video, finishes with a cryptic view of a painted mask and the title.

Late last night John 5 announced via his Instagram that he had been picked by Zombie to score the film, making this the second film project John has scored on for Rob (the first being 2013’s The Lords of Salem). In his confirmation message, John said, “Well it’s official Rob has hired me to do the score to his next movie 31, I’m very honored and excited.”

For more information, sign up at robzombie.com to the mailing list to get up-to-date info on this new venture.



Just over a month ago (April 19) The Lords of Salem, the latest movie from director/musician Rob Zombie, was released.  And a few days before that, the soundtrack was released.  It features a score by Rob’s right hand axe man John 5, and producer Griffin Boice, as well as the stellar selection of hand-picked tracks from artists such as The Velvet Underground, Rush and Rick James.  Hard Rock Haven have submitted this 10 outta 10 review for the soundtrack.  We thought we would share.  (more…)

Revealed: The Lords of Salem score tracklist

The Lords of Salem soundtrack

Check it out! Here is the official track listing for THE LORDS OF SALEM soundtrack. The album features a great mix of tracks used within the film as well as the score composed by John 5 and Griffin Boyce. The soundtrack will be in stores APRIL 16th!!!!!!! The film hits the cinema on April 19th. To see the full back cover and the full tracklisting  (more…)

The Lords of Salem score cover revealed


Rob Zombie has revealed the artwork for the forthcoming soundtrack to his movie The Lords of Salem.  The score has been composted by Zombie guitarist John 5 and Griffin Bolce (producer who has worked with Zombie, Black Eyed Peas and Hollywood Undead).  John 5 said of the score recently “The music was very challenging and sometimes there was no key signature or time signature for this music, which is all orchestral and acoustic with the exception of one death metal song. You had to be able to follow the story and create emotions for each scene with the music.” to see the full cover click  (more…)

John 5 talks about writing The Lords of Salem score

When Rob Zombie was looking for someone to score his new movie The Lords of Salem it seemed natural to go to his right hand man, guitarist John 5.  The movie premiered in Toronto in September and the trailer is available to watch at robzombie.com.

John 5 spoke to Daily Herald to explain the process of how the score was created and came to be.

Rob Zombie guitarist John5 wanted to write something simple yet scary when he sat down to compose the score for his band leader’s latest horror film, “The Lords of Salem.”

The trick, he said, was coming up with material that wouldn’t distract audiences but also wouldn’t be easily forgotten.

“I always say, it’s music that people don’t want to listen to, because you’re watching the movie,” said John5, whose real name is John Lowery. “It’s tough. It’s gotta be good enough, but it can’t distract you.” (more…)