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[Watch] Stormbringerzine talks to J5 about his solo music, The Lords of Salem, influences and The Creatures

John 5 stormbringerzine

John 5 stormbringerzine

A little interview which was conducted with John 5 in Vienna on his birthday (July 31) with Stormbringerzine.

They talk about Careful With That Axe, his many influences (including musical and horror Movies) and he delivers a little insight into Rob Zombie’s previous movie The Lords of Salem especially regarding THAT Black Metal band that appeared in the film.

And listen out for a John 5 and The Creatures bit of news….

To watch the interview in full, click >>>  (more…)

J5 on RZ: ‘I’ve been offered to join a ton of bands but I wouldn’t leave this for the world’

Rob Zombie Band

In this very relaxed interview with The Spill Magazine, John 5 talks about what it means to be a member of Rob Zombies band, working on his next solo album (and throws ideas around with the interviewer about who could play as guest), having his son come to see him perform for the first time and much much more.

Enjoy!  (more…)

John 5 talks about his solo work: “I just do it for the love of guitar and having fun with it”

John 5 Rob Zombie interview

John 5 gives a very revealing interview to AbsolutePunk.net where he talks about why he makes his solo albums, working on The Lords of Salem score, helping legend Rod Stewart score his first UK number one in forever – and um, something about, um a live DVD from Rob Zombie!!!

John 5 is currently on tour with Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Festival: john-5.com/main/tour/

To read the interview  (more…)

[LISTEN] John 5 talks to Metal Assault “I don’t take anything for granted”


A couple of weeks ago Metal Assault called John 5 up to speak about touring, working with other artists, what he likes to do on his downtime on tour, The Lords of Salem score and yes, a new solo album that he is working on in between rehearsals for Mayhem 2013.

Mayhem Festival tour with Rob Zombie, kicks off in San Bernardino on June 29th – you can see all dates here: TOUR DATES

To listen to the 12 minute interview in full  (more…)

John 5: ‘”I think I would go crazy if I couldn’t play music. It is so rewarding when someone tells you that they relate to my music.”‘


Mayhem 2013 starts at the end of June, and John 5 has been busy rehearsing with his Rob Zombie bandmates to bring one of the best live shows out there back onto the festival stage. He speaks with Helen M. Orcutt of Tulsa Concert Photography Examiner about playing music, working with RZ on The Lords of Salem score and what he is looking forward to when he hits the road.

You can find out more about forthcoming tour dates by going here: john-5.com/main/tour/

To rea the interview in full  (more…)

[WATCH] Fearnet’s exclusive interview with John 5


John 5 speaks to FEARnet.com, in this exclusive video interview, about the fascinating details about the making of The Lords of Salem score, making Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor with Rob Zombie and his own solo work – including 2012’s God Told Me To and a new solo album in the works.  Fear.net also get to have a look around John’s “spooky home décor (check out that strobe-light guitar!)”.

To watch the video  (more…)



Just over a month ago (April 19) The Lords of Salem, the latest movie from director/musician Rob Zombie, was released.  And a few days before that, the soundtrack was released.  It features a score by Rob’s right hand axe man John 5, and producer Griffin Boice, as well as the stellar selection of hand-picked tracks from artists such as The Velvet Underground, Rush and Rick James.  Hard Rock Haven have submitted this 10 outta 10 review for the soundtrack.  We thought we would share.  (more…)

John 5 speaks to noisecreep about Scoring Rob Zombie’s ‘Lords of Salem’ Film, Working With Rod Stewart on His New Album

John 5 Rob Zombie interview

Noisecreep sat with John 5 recently to talk about a multitude of subjects, including scoring the forthcoming The Lords of Salem soundtrack for Rob Zombie, giving his time to the Rock Against MS benefit concert and working with Rod Stewart.  To read the article  (more…)

Revealed: The Lords of Salem score tracklist

The Lords of Salem soundtrack

Check it out! Here is the official track listing for THE LORDS OF SALEM soundtrack. The album features a great mix of tracks used within the film as well as the score composed by John 5 and Griffin Boyce. The soundtrack will be in stores APRIL 16th!!!!!!! The film hits the cinema on April 19th. To see the full back cover and the full tracklisting  (more…)

John 5 talks Revolver’s Golden Gods Awards, Rob Zombie and music [Watch]


John 5 has recently been nominated for Best Guitarist in the forthcoming Revolver Golden Gods Awards which takes place on May 2 at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles.  John was part of the kick-off show and while there, The Examiner caught up backstage with John 5 to chat about the awards, working with Rob Zombie and much more.  To watch the video interview  (more…)

The Lords of Salem score cover revealed


Rob Zombie has revealed the artwork for the forthcoming soundtrack to his movie The Lords of Salem.  The score has been composted by Zombie guitarist John 5 and Griffin Bolce (producer who has worked with Zombie, Black Eyed Peas and Hollywood Undead).  John 5 said of the score recently “The music was very challenging and sometimes there was no key signature or time signature for this music, which is all orchestral and acoustic with the exception of one death metal song. You had to be able to follow the story and create emotions for each scene with the music.” to see the full cover click  (more…)

John 5 talks scoring Lords of Salem and new Zombie album


Blabbermouth has reported on a new interview John 5 has made where he speaks about working on his first full film score – Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem (out April 19 2013). and the forthcoming Rob Zombie studio album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor (out April 23, 2013). To read the interview click  (more…)

John 5 talks about writing The Lords of Salem score

When Rob Zombie was looking for someone to score his new movie The Lords of Salem it seemed natural to go to his right hand man, guitarist John 5.  The movie premiered in Toronto in September and the trailer is available to watch at robzombie.com.

John 5 spoke to Daily Herald to explain the process of how the score was created and came to be.

Rob Zombie guitarist John5 wanted to write something simple yet scary when he sat down to compose the score for his band leader’s latest horror film, “The Lords of Salem.”

The trick, he said, was coming up with material that wouldn’t distract audiences but also wouldn’t be easily forgotten.

“I always say, it’s music that people don’t want to listen to, because you’re watching the movie,” said John5, whose real name is John Lowery. “It’s tough. It’s gotta be good enough, but it can’t distract you.” (more…)

John 5: ‘I don’t write lyrics at all….I’d just write about boobs and guitars

It’s tour time and John 5 is on the road for a few months with Rob Zombie again. They are joined by his former boss and band mate Marilyn Manson who is co-headlining as part of the Twins of Evil tour (US and Europe).  Marqueemag.com caught up with John 5 to talk about a number of different topics.  Enjoy the interview.

Marilyn Manson Alumni Join Rob Zombie on Twins of Evil Tour by Lindsay Allen

Sometimes it takes a while for even the most obvious of pairings to occur. But often, that anticipation makes a coupling that much more exciting. So when Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson announced that they would tour together as the Twins of Evil, no one said “No fucking way” because they couldn’t believe it, they said “No fucking way” because no one could believe it took so long for it to happen. (more…)

John 5 talks to Wrestling with Pop Culture about the tour, the next Zombie album and other upcoming projects

Check out this new interview with John 5 conducted by Wrestling with Pop Culture  just before the start of the Twins of Evil tour.

John 5 shreds with Rob Zombie on the Twins of Evil tour by Jonathan Williams

Though he received his first big jolt of recognition when he became Marilyn Manson‘s guitarist in 1998, for the past seven years John 5‘s shredding skills have been utilized as part of Rob Zombie‘s band. So when Manson and Zombie take to the stage tonight at theDesert Uprising festival in Phoenix for the first night of the Twins of Evil tour, it will be especially exciting for 5 given his history with both bands. Having released his latest solo CD God Told Me To a few months ago, 5 also contributed some guitar work for Zombie’s recent remix albumMondo Sex Head. Before taking the stage for the Twins of Evil tour, 5 talks to Wrestling with Pop Culture about the tour, the next Zombie album and other upcoming projects. (more…)

John 5: ‘More is More’

The Twins of Evil tour is just two days away and John 5 has been busy rehearsing for the show as well as working with Rob Zombie on a new studio album and the new soundtrack for The Lords of Salem – and thats without mentioning the fact that John 5 put out a new solo album earlier this year and has completed work with Rod Stewart and Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name just a few.  The Phoenix New Times Blogs caught up with John a couple of days ago.  Enjoy the interview.

Rob Zombie’s Guitarist John 5 Has a Motto: “More is More” By Lauren Wise

“I love Phoenix,” Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 says excitedly. “Rob [Zombie] and the other guys in the band, they like the colder weather, but for some reason I love the really hot weather.”

He pauses, then anxiously asks, “It should be really warm there still when I’m there in September, right?”

“Yeah, it doesn’t really start cooling down until mid-or late October, honestly,” I offer. “You should be good.” (more…)

PCM World News interviews John 5 [Listen]

From PCM:

Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson are gearing up to head out on this fall’s highly anticipated Twins Of Evil Tour. Debauchery, theatrics, ghoulish imagery, and a full-on assault of all the senses are what’s in store for fans when the tour kicks off, first in the U.S. and then with a 10-country sweep through Europe.

PCM’s Kristyn Clarke had the amazing opportunity to chat with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 about the upcoming Twins Of Evil tour, his work scoring the upcoming “Lords Of Salem” film, the new Rob Zombie album and of course his incredible solo album release ” God Told Me To”.

To listen to the interview CLICK HERE: http://pcmworldnews.com/news/category/john-5-interview/

John 5 talks to Yahoo voices about the upcoming co-headliner with Marilyn Manson

John 5 Photo by Kevin PyleWith just a few weeks to go, Yahoo Voices caught up with John to talk about the upcoming co-headliner between Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson as well as his new solo album and scoring The Lords of Salem.  Enjoy!

Exclusive Interview: Rob Zombie’s Guitarist John 5 Talks Co-Headline Tour With Marilyn Manson by Jason Tanamor

The long-awaited tour of two of the biggest names in metal will be heading out together for the first time ever. Twins of Evil tour featuring Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie kicks off September 28th. Long time Zombie guitarist, John 5, stopped by to talk about the tour. (more…)

MusicFrenzy.net releases audio interview with John 5

MusicFrenzy.net has released a three-part audio interview with John 5.

In it, he speaks about what he is working on, including working with Steven Adler, talks in-depth about being asked to create the score for Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, and about writing again with Lynryd Skynyrd on the forthcoming album “Last of the Dying Breed” as well as working with the legendary Rod Stewart.

You can listen to the interviews by going to musicfrenzy.net/john5

TulsaToday interviews John 5

John 5 Photo by Kevin PyleJust before the final show of the recent Rob Zombie/Megadeth co-headliner, Tulsa Today sat down with John to chat about ‘life, rock and Rocklahoma’.


John 5 on life, rock and Rocklahoma Written by John Hall, Tulsa Today

With Rob Zombie headlining Saturday night’s festivities at Rocklahoma, we recently sat down with guitarist John 5 to talk music, touring and other things that have kept him busy recently. (more…)

Get Ready to Rocks 10 Questions with John 5

A little Q and A interview with John 5 from Get Ready to Rock.


Guitarist John 5 has a new instrumental album out now called ‘God Told Me To’ and is currently touring as part of Rob Zombie’s band. He has also been recently been working with Dave Lee Roth again. Read on…

1. What are you currently up to?

I’m currently on tour with Rob Zombie and Megadeth. After that we go into the studio to work on the next Zombie record. I’ll also be promoting my new instrumental CD “God told me To”. (more…)

Glide Magazine interviews John 5

Leslie Michele Derrough from Glide Magazine recently sat down for a chat with John 5.


You wouldn’t think that a man who plays atomic guitar riffs for Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie would be so “normal”,” but that is exactly what John 5 is. Growing up in an affluent neighborhood didn’t stop him from following his own spark. Moving out to Los Angeles and pursuing his electric guitar dreams, he has become known for his innovatively whiplash-inducing fret work and for conjuring up gory tingle-down-your-spine images via his song titles. With a brand new solo CD hitting shelves this month, I decided to find out who the REAL John 5 was and this is what I found….. (more…)

Bare Bones Music interviews John 5 about the new album and more

Bare Bones Music have sat down with John 5 for a new interview where he speaks about his new album God Told Me To which was released on May 8 2012, and much more.


JOHN 5 on His New Solo Record and More! By: Johnny Price

JOHN 5 is one of those artists that you don’t know what to expect before your first meeting. He’s obviously an insanely talented guitarist with a resume a mile long. (more…)

Fangoria interviews John 5 on his latest solo effort, “LORDS OF SALEM” and more

John 5Fangoria sat down with John 5 recently for an interview looking not only at the frthcoming album ‘God Told Me To’ (out May 8) but also about his work on the latest Rob Zombie film ‘The Lords of Salem’ where John 5 has been charged with creating the score for the film.

God Told Him To: John 5 on his latest solo effort, “LORDS OF SALEM” and more
Interview by Samuel Zimmerman

John 5, the multifaceted guitar player who always manages to strike the delicate balance between extreme technical prowess and expressive musical personality across a broad range of musical styles, is a very busy man these days. If you listen to heavier music, chances are you’ll have heard his work at some point, whether it be with Rob Halford, David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, his own solo work, or the countless other projects he’s guest on. (more…)