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J5 named as one of the “most innovative musicians of today”

John 5 Kirstine Walton

John 5 Kirstine Walton

Ultimate-Guitar.com have named John 5 as one of the Top 15 Most Innovative Musicians of Today. The Top 15 includes John Frusciante, St. Vincent, Mike Patton and Tosin Abasi and is compiled from a list of discussions and voting from within the UG community.

Speaking about John 5, UG say:

“What makes John 5 so special is his unusual but rather balanced mix of country and metal. He’s mostly known for being a guitar player for Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, but he can do way more than just that.”

You can see the full list here: ultimate-guitar.com/top_15_innovative_musicians

[Watch] John 5 recalls meeting Rob Halford for Hired Gun documentary

John 5 Hired Gun Documentary

As has been previously reported, John 5 is joining a whole host of stars including Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper for the Hired Gun: Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight documentary.

In this exclusive clip released to Ultimate Guitar, John 5 recalls the moment he met “metal god” Rob Halford, whom John collaborated with for the band 2wo.

“Working with Rob Halford was incredible, because we all love the metal god,” John 5 says in the clip.

To find out more about the Hired Gun documentary, go here: http://www.hiredgunthefilm.com

John 5 chats to UltimateGuitar: My Fans Are Smart And They Know What They Want

John 5John 5 sat down with Ultimateguitar.com and spoke to them about the forthcoming new album God Told Me To and his special affinity with his fans and why he doesn’t like to let them down.

On the Art Of Malice, John 5’s solo record back in 2010, the Rob Zombie guitarist paraded out the meanest country licks you’ve ever heard and jacked them up with overdriven guitar and a mean attitude. On God Told Me To, he pulled out his nylon and steel string guitars (more…)