Manson fansite Provider Module interviews John 5

The Devils Prefect: An Interview With John 5

JOHN 5 has enjoyed a twenty-year career playing with some of music’s most prolific rock bands, including lead guitar for Marilyn Manson between 1998-2004. He is currently the lead guitarist for Rob Zombie, and continues to add to his impressive back catalogue as a solo artist.
John recently took the time to conduct an interview with Provider Module in between tour schedules with Zombie, with some unexpected and fascinating results…

You’ve embraced playing styles and genres from Bluegrass, Swing, Metal, Thrash, Garage Rock and Country, both in solo work and with others. How much freedom to exert them were you allowed in Marilyn Manson?

I’d say probably close to none. Which isn’t a bad thing, because it was not my band. The band is called Marilyn Manson for a reason. But I always understand that when I play for artists. That’s why I did my instrumental records to have a creative outlook.

In the studio with Manson, would he often start sessions with thematic ideas already cemented, or were any lyrical arrangements inspired by music?

I think he had an idea lyrically of where he wanted to go on each record. What I simply did was supply music that inspired him to put his lyrics to music I would create with the band.

Upon joining Marilyn Manson you played some custom “glam” Ibanez models, then during the Holy Wood tour there were Gibsons.
Were guitar choices based more on cosmetics, or sonic requirements/benefits?

They were… the Ibanez were more cosmetic. The Gibson sounds amazing of course, as you and the world know.
Also, during this time around 2002, I was lucky enough to get an endorsement deal with the greatest guitar company in the world, Fender.

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