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The 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time: Guitar World Readers’ Poll Results

A few weeks ago John 5 asked for fans to vote for him in a fun little poll Guitar World did on their website.

Well the results are in and John 5 came 10th place in a line-up of 50 exceptional guitarists to earn his place as one of the 50th fastest guitarists of all time.

Thank you to all the fans who voted for him

From Guitar World.com

It’s the perennial argument among guitar players. While some revere the discipline of speed and rapid-fire fretburning with awe, others snub the notion as nothing more than glorified sideshow gimmickry. But even if it is just a trick, it’s a pretty neat trick, and some are better at pulling it off than others.

Based on a story about our own choices for the 50 fastest guitar players of all time, we asked you to vote who you think is the fastest player. The results, which are shown in the photo gallery (click here to see Guitar World’s fastest guitarist gallery), represent a mishmash of fleet-fingered shred machines and other players who aren’t known for their outrageous BPM-insanity, but rather their deft uptempo rhythm and melody work.

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