Missed J5 on the Jeff Young show? Listen here

Listen here to the podcast of John 5 on Jeff Young’s Music Without Boundaries radio show

Last night John 5 appeared on the Jeff Young, Music without Boundaries radio show.

He spoke about his varied and vast career and Jeff played some of John’s back catalogue including tracks from his solo career, Marilyn Manson, Dave Lee Roth, 2wo and of course Rob Zombie.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen here is the podcast embedded below. On Part One, John 5 appears about half way through the show but it’s a good show, so give it a listen from beginning to end!

[spreaker episode_id=599603 type=mini width=100% color=e8e8e8 autoplay=false]

[spreaker episode_id=599710 type=mini width=100% color=e8e8e8 autoplay=false]


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