See John 5 in 2wo – Live treat of archive concert footage [Watch]

Watch rare John 5 footage playing live with Rob Halford in his band 2wo (two)

YouTube is a wonderful creation, especially when you are laid up in bed with a bad cold (Emma, J5’s web manager).  Watching on my iPad, I came a cross a rare treat to share with John 5 fans – see John 5 with Rob Halford in a rare video footage of a 2wo (Two) gig (34 minutes long).

Filmed in Wisconsin, watch classics such as I’m a Pig, Waters Leaking, Wake Up and more. The show, from what I can tell is from a festival called Summerfest.

The first 30 odd seconds of the video footage are blank – you can hear but not see – but the rest is John 5 and Rob Halford metal madness.


Thank you to YouTube user blablablobly