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Improved comment system installed and more – see comments

New improved native wordpress comment installed and news of a new user profile system to be installed soon

Last year we installed a different comment system to the official John 5 site.  Although it was great in some ways it still meant fans had to have a separate log-in to their login for the rest of the John 5 site.  I am now in the middle of setting up a whole new system which will mean not only a better comment system, using WordPress’ native comment threading but also a new forum (it will mean the loss of the old one and the data with it as there is no cross install) and user profile which will include the ability to post on your own profile, similarly to a Facebook status (and also cross post the status to your actual Facebook) but also the ability to make Groups, post in those and more.

So first stage is in – the new comment system.  All you need to do is register at the John 5 site to comment on news posts.  There is no more registering to a third party site.

Hope to see you all there now and we hope to see you when the new profile system comes in over the next few weeks.

Emma (J5’s web manager)

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