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Brand new John 5 community open

John 5 community

John 5 community

From the web manager:

Over nine years ago, the official John 5 site decided to close it’s doors to the forum we had online at the time. It was always a sad blow as the community had grown so well, but we were fighting against social media at the time and a platform that was flooding us with bots and more.

Nine years or so on, John 5 and I had a discussion about resurrecting a feature that we both loved having on the forum – an Ask John 5 section. This was an opportunity for fans, once a month, to submit questions for John 5 to choose to answer. We’re bringing that back, once a month (as John’s schedule allows) and every four months with John answering select questions by a recorded video. But why just that? Why not bring back the forum as a whole? So that is what we have done. Yes, in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google + (is that still a thing?) and everything else, a forum is probably pretty retro but we believe in the fanbase. And John’s worldwide reach has grown over the past few years. We want to tap into the community out there.

So please get involved, join or sign back in if you’ve not for a while. Be a member, grow the community, join other John 5 and guitar fans and have fun. It’s YOUR community, grow it, use it! 

The first “Ask John 5” session will open on Tuesday 24th October until Saturday 28th October. The questions will be answered after John 5 returns from his Halloween shows.

Go now: https://john-5.com/main/community/



Brand new shirts added to the store – incl girls tees

John 5 store

John 5 store

Brand new items are now available at the John 5 store. Including the most requested tee ever, picks sets and new designs and the amazing Greatest Hits CD/DVD set!

AND we now have GIRLS sizes now in stock.

Tees Start from $14. Got to the store today: john-5.com/store/

Brand new in store for 2014


What a treat! Three fantastic new items in the official John 5 store. First the very RARE and LIMITED AVAILABILITY (only three will be made) Legacy Edition Ultimate Fan Hooded top. Fully laid out and sewn by hand. All patches are original prints with some being rare and impossible to find anywhere else. • Hand cut and sewn back printed back patch and front logo • Quality manufactured hooded top.

THEN Two great shirts featuring art by Raziel Dead, including a t-shirt AND a three quarter sleeve baseball shirt. Check them out by visiting: http://john-5.com/store/

The brand new John 5 store is LIVE and taking pre-orders


The brand new OFFICIAL JOHN 5 STORE is now LIVE and taking pre-orders.  The store boasts some fantastic new items which available to pre-order for shipping March 10th. The store is in partnership with Forgotten Saints LA whose designer Cody, puts together ALL of John 5’s live stagewear.  That means many of the items you buy will be handmade by the same woman who puts clothes on John 5. Follow the twitter account too: https://twitter.com/J5officialstore (more…)

Welcome to the brand new look John 5 site


Welcome John 5 fans to the brand new look john-5.com website.  Over the past month a brand new build has taken place, completely reworking all pages of the site to bring you a more streamlined, refreshed content site but still full of the fun information you come here for.

From John 5: “from the top-down everything has been looked at and this is just the beginning for my site.  On top of this new look, which I have to say I think is the best we have done yet, there’s a new store coming too – which we hope to be launching soon”  (more…)

BT Digital Music Awards results

Hi all

As you may remember we bugged the hell out of you a few weeks ago to vote for The Official John 5 website in the BT Digital Music Awards 2011 category for PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD FOR BEST OFFICIAL SITE FOR AN ARTIST.

Sadly we didn’t win, but we are very proud of coming 15th. (more…)

Voting for john-5.com CLOSES 23 September

Get your votes in now because the voting for the official John 5 site in the BT Digital Music Awards 2011 for Best Official Site will END on 23 September.

This is a people’s choice vote so it means your vote COUNTS.

We are very proud of the work put into the site and we are proud of the fans that support us so your vote GENUINELY means A LOT to us.

To register your vote NOW, CLICK HERE NOW – VOTE!

Vote for the official J5 website

As many years before the Official John 5 website has entered in to the BT Digital Music Awards Best Official Site category.

This category, part of the People’s Choice Awards, comes from fan votes. So we need your vote – as many times as you can give it and from as many people as you can rope in to vote. (more…)

New look to John-5.com

The first stage of the new look John 5 site went live today.  Timed specifically to coincide with the news about the new single Beat It, the design is now in.  The next stage over the next few weeks will be a revamp of all pages and content.

Design again by Emma from Nineteen76-Designs.