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Brand new John 5 community open

We’ve reopened the John 5 community forum. Join us!

John 5 community

From the web manager:

Over nine years ago, the official John 5 site decided to close it’s doors to the forum we had online at the time. It was always a sad blow as the community had grown so well, but we were fighting against social media at the time and a platform that was flooding us with bots and more.

Nine years or so on, John 5 and I had a discussion about resurrecting a feature that we both loved having on the forum – an Ask John 5 section. This was an opportunity for fans, once a month, to submit questions for John 5 to choose to answer. We’re bringing that back, once a month (as John’s schedule allows) and every four months with John answering select questions by a recorded video. But why just that? Why not bring back the forum as a whole? So that is what we have done. Yes, in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google + (is that still a thing?) and everything else, a forum is probably pretty retro but we believe in the fanbase. And John’s worldwide reach has grown over the past few years. We want to tap into the community out there.

So please get involved, join or sign back in if you’ve not for a while. Be a member, grow the community, join other John 5 and guitar fans and have fun. It’s YOUR community, grow it, use it! 

The first “Ask John 5” session will open on Tuesday 24th October until Saturday 28th October. The questions will be answered after John 5 returns from his Halloween shows.

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