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Welcome to the brand new look John 5 site

Welcome to the brand new look John 5 website


Welcome John 5 fans to the brand new look website.  Over the past month a brand new build has taken place, completely reworking all pages of the site to bring you a more streamlined, refreshed content site but still full of the fun information you come here for.

From John 5: “from the top-down everything has been looked at and this is just the beginning for my site.  On top of this new look, which I have to say I think is the best we have done yet, there’s a new store coming too – which we hope to be launching soon” 

The website has been rebuilt by John 5’s web manager Emma of 1976Designs and also we are lucky to be using images from a UK photographer for the background – please say hi to

The biography has been rewritten, the gear section has been revamped, all John 5’s solo albums now have their own pages which you access under music +vids and through the Solo Discography page. A page for John 5’s work with others is still being made but there is so much info going into it, we didn’t want to put back the Feb 20th relaunch so it will be here soon. And the gear section has been updated, cleaned up and added to – hope you like the extra info there.

As John has mentioned a new store is being built with Forgotten Saints in LA –  new merchandise will be coming as well as all the signed items, CDS etc and more that you love.

The comment section on each of the news items has been changed to comment with Facebook.  You can use a Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail account to post.

BUT you can still join the forum and community and we encourage this to generate chat about John’s gear and work. There’s a little register box on the right of the screen.

Anyway hope you like. And enjoy as always