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John 5: ‘The meaning of life is to do what you love and be happy’

John 5 is out on tour right now with Rob Zombie on the Twins of Evil tour.  The show is currently half way through the USA leg and will go to Europe in late November.  In the meantime, the Examiner chatted to John 5 on the phone during some down time about the music that influenced him, the work he does and working on an acoustic album with Dave Lee Roth.

Read an excerpt here but to see the full interview go to examiner.com/article/john-5-the-meaning-of-life

John 5: “The meaning of life is to do what you love and be happy” by Alison Richter

John 5 is late. Not tardy, late. Really late — as in 40 minutes late — but when he finally calls, he’s genuinely apologetic about the delay. Interviews, a television taping, a meet-and-greet — it’s been one of those days. Backstage in a very noisy arena, he’s moments away from soundcheck and the clock is ticking. So we begin.

We all ask you the same questions, over and over. How do you keep interviews from becoming the department of redundancy department, certainly for yourself?

I think that not everybody reads the same interviews, so people want to know certain questions. That’s why they’re asked over and over, because people want to know these things and not all the same people are going to read it, so I think it’s fair that if somebody says, “Where did you first learn to play guitar,” not everybody knows that who is reading the interview.

To see the full interview go to examiner.com/article/john-5-the-meaning-of-life

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