John 5 guitar lessons via Play This Riff

John 5 Play this Riff

John 5 has teamed up with (owned by Fu Manchu’s Bob Balch) to provide a number of guitar lesson videos for fans to follow.  Each lesson includes music sheets and each video lesson is available in Flash and Quicktime. 

Playthisriff and John 5 provide lessons in:

 Banjo Rolls (G Major)
 Banjo Rolls (E Minor With Blues Notes)
 Banjo Rolls (D Major)
 Behind The Nut Bends
 Chicken Picking Behind The Nut
 Getting Faster
 Shred Demo
 Octave Pull Off Exercises
 Tapping With Two Hands
 Western Swing/Walking Bass

And much much more.  Check out the full list of public lessons here:

To get you started check out this “Tapping with Two Hands” video from John 5: