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[Watch] John 5: “These albums are a lot of fun. I just do ’em for the love of guitar and to inspire a couple of people on the way”

John 5 Artisan News

With a break in touring with Rob Zombie, John 5 is returning to the studio to work on his next solo guitar album.  This one, the follow-up to 2012’s God Told Me To will see John 5 calling on friends to guest star on the next album.  Speaking to Artisan News John says: “I‘m gonna start asking my friends for favors and all this stuff. ‘Hey, come on in. I watched your house and I let your dog out that one time, so come play on my record.’ So I’m gonna start my long list of people to come and play. I think it’s fun.”

To watch the interview  (more…)

UPDATED: John 5 house burglarized – more details about items stolen released.


As many John 5 fans have been hearing today, John and his family suffered a terrible violation of home and property when their Los Angeles home was burglarized while out.  A number of items have been stolen, many of why are rare, of invaluable sentiment and unique to John 5. As J5 remarked earlier today on his FB page; “Unfortunately our house was robbed today, we accidentally didn’t put the alarm on, so some assholes got lucky! Whoever did this will get caught hopefully one day!” We have details, including serial numbers were possible and a larger photo of some of the items that were taken.  If you can help spread the word or look out in your local area, or dealers to anything that may come your way in your store, then please contact.  To find out more about the items stolen please  (more…)

John 5 guitar lessons via Play This Riff

John 5 Play this Riff

John 5 has teamed up with Playthisriff.com (owned by Fu Manchu’s Bob Balch) to provide a number of guitar lesson videos for fans to follow.  Each lesson includes music sheets and each video lesson is available in Flash and Quicktime.  (more…)

The Book of John: John 5 instructional book coming soon

John 5 and Hal Leaonard are releasing a new guitar instructional book, with accompanying CD, which is available now for pre-order.

‘The Book of John: Wicked Guitar Licks and Techniques for the Modern Shredder’ will feature instructional guides on playing many techniques favored by John 5 in his wicked guitar riffs, whether they be for other artists or on his crtically acclaimed solo albums.   (more…)

Guitar World fastest guitarist poll – VOTE for John 5

Guitar World are conducting a poll to see who is the fastest guitar player out there. John 5 is on the poll list so drop on over and VOTE: http://www.guitarworld.com/poll-who-fastest-guitarist-all-time

As Guitar Worlds article says:

Are you hooked on speedy guitarists?

Take our poll, below, and tell us who gets your vote for the fastest guitarist of all time. And if you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out Guitar World’s own roundup of the 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time.

And remember — the guitarists in the story are listed in alphabetical order, not notes-per-millisecond order. Also remember that we tried to make sure several genres were represented — as we did in this poll.

Check out their roundup here: http://www.guitarworld.com/50-fastest-guitarists-all-time

John 5 posts a video to Facebook

Check out John 5’s Facebook page to see a new video he has uploaded where he is practising a Spanish guitar piece.  The video entitled: RITA IS GOING TO KILL ME!! TOO GOOD!! CAUGHT IN THE ACT!! can be seen by going here: http://www.facebook.com/John5official