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[Listen] John 5 speaks to 943 loudwire.com


Just before the Night of the Living Dreads tour rolled into Casper Wyoming a few days ago, John 5 chatted with Butch from 943 Loudwire.com about the tour, playing with Korn and a lot more besides.

To listen to the interview click > 


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One Response

  1. Marc Perez

    Hey brother, I was at the Wichita Falls concert, you are an amazing player, I was the guy on the floor w/ the paper “John 5 I want a pick” you threw a couple my way but ppl in front of me got them, I even tried to buy one from this one dude that got my pick that you threw at me! anyways had a GREAT time! GUITARS are US!!!

    November 21, 2013 at 10:25 pm


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