J5 speaks to Mayhem Music Magazine about his new tour; “I think people are going to have a lot of fun with it”

Read John 5’s interview with Mayhem Music Magazine on touring with John 5 and The Creatures, recording Careful With That Axe and much more

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In a couple of weeks time, John 5 will embark on his first solo tour.  Complete with a drummer (the legendary Rodger Carter) and bassist (step up Mr Ian Ross), John 5 will be touring dates in the West Coast and mid-states.  If scheduling with Zombie allows (” My first priority is Rob Zombie. I just have to check with scheduling and see how we’re looking in the world of Zombie.”), the show will expand to the East Coast too.

Check out excerpts from John 5’s recent interview with Mayhem Music Magazine, where he discusses touring with John 5 and The Creatures, recording Careful With That Axe and much more by clicking >>> 

John 5, the guitar virtuoso fills us in on his upcoming solo tour, his latest album Careful With That Axe, & why its time to record a live album

Read the interview in full:

Mayhem Music Magazine:  You are an incredible technician on guitar. This time around, how did you challenge yourself with your latest solo album ‘Careful With That Axe’?

John 5:  I love to challenge myself each time. Learning new things and pushing the boundaries with songs like “Jiffy Jam” and “Jerry’s Breakdown” and “This Is My Rifle”. It makes it interesting to me and going for a different style of music like a song called “El Cucuy”. I love to learn, that’s my favorite thing to do. I love learning new things.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  How much do you feel your playing has changed from your first solo album ‘Vertigo’ until now?

John 5:  I think it has changed quite a bit. With ‘Vertigo’, which is one of my favorite cds, I was going very melodic. Now I sometimes fell I just go so crazy, which is really a lot of fun. I think I have improved a lot. I am always improving and I’m always pushing myself. I am never going to be content with myself.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  With you constantly touring and recording with Rob Zombie, how did you find time to write and record ‘Careful With That Axe’?

John 5:  It’s really what I love to do. I love to play guitar. There’s a lot of hours in the day and I always have a guitar in my hand. I take advantage of that time and really just play all the time. When I’m sitting around watching tv or something, I’ll write some riffs and pretty soon I have these songs. That’s how I do it.

Mayhem Music Magazine:  What is your process from writing a song to recording it?

John 5:  What I’ll do is come up with a song and I’ll rehearse it by myself so much with a click track. I’ll go over and over and over it and then I’ll go into the studio and have it so prepared and so ready that I’ll just knock it out in a couple hours.

Read the interview in full:


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