Season of the Witch OUT TODAY – John 5 and The Creatures start 35 date tour

John 5 Season of the Witch

Season Of The Witch, the brand new full-length instrumental solo album from world-renowned guitarist JOHN 5, is out today and can be ordered on CD via the John 5 store, on Amazon MP3, iTunes and for streaming on Spotify. Season Of The Witch features JOHN 5’s backing band The Creatures (bassist Ian Ross and drummer Rodger Carter), and features experimentation with various genres – including western swing, Spanish flamenco, heavy metal and more – thoroughly showcasing JOHN 5’s diverse virtuosic abilities.

In celebration of the album’s release, JOHN 5 and The Creatures kick off their U.S. tour in Fife, WA today! The tour will hit roughly 35 cities, coming to an end in Chicago, IL on April 16. Tickets and VIP are available now – visit the tour page for more information.

JOHN 5 took a different approach with the release of Season Of The Witch, choosing to share his new music with fans throughout 2016 by releasing several tracks individually in the form of various music videos. Tracks/videos released include the fast-paced “Black Grass Plague”, downtempo, introspective “Behind The Nut Love”, hard rocking “Now Fear This”, jazz fusion marathon “Here’s To The Crazy Ones” (featuring a bit of “monkeying around”), heavy metal Claymation shredfest “Making Monsters”, and last but not least, the whiskey-soaked “Hell Haw”. The videos have garnered nearly a million views, collectively.

“Since music is so visual nowadays, I thought these videos would be the best way to get my music out there, and it seems to have worked – now everybody knows the songs on the record,” states JOHN 5. “I put so much work into this record with the videos, the artwork, the songwriting and the playing – out of my catalog, this is by far my favorite solo record.”

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Been a long time comin for me, John5 and the Creatures is fresh as well as totally cool. Absolutely cannot wait to see a live show, this is VIP worthy.

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