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[Review] Media Mike calls Season of the Witch John 5’s “most diverse solo effort to date”.

John 5 Season of the Witch

It has been TWO weeks since Season of the Witch, the brand new album from John 5 and The Creatures, was released. The feedback from fans and reviewers has been fantastic.

Media Mike gives the album a 4 out of 5 review calling the album John 5’s “most diverse“.

Don’t let the albums brief runtime fool you as John 5 and the Creatures pack every ounce of musicality they can in to each and every second of “Season of the Witch”. Easily his most diverse solo effort to date John 5 showcases his ability and diverse tastes by blending country, funk, rock and metal with his love for the macabre into one cohesive package that provides listeners with something new each time you listen.”

To read the review in full, go here: mediamikes.com/2017/03/cd-review-john5-season-of-the-witch/

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