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[Watch] Thank you from John 5

That’s it folks! 36 shows, 18 states and thousands of people watching the shows, coming to meet and greets, sharing their experiences, sharing in the show experience. All came to an end in Chicago on April 16 at Reggies.

To say thank you to everyone who supported the Season of the Witch tour, John 5 has recorded this special message.

We hope to see you on the next John 5 and The Creatures tour. Thanks for making this run such an amazing experience.

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17 replies on “[Watch] Thank you from John 5”

I got to meet John at the Whisky in Hollywood, right after soundcheck and nearly passed out. After being a huge fan for so long, to finally meet him felt so surreal. He signed my collar bone area and I immediately got it tattooed on before the show that evening. He is seriously one of the nicest guys I have ever met.

Did the Meet & Greet during your first NYC show in 2015, and have luckily been able to see both the next years NYC shows, this time at Blackthorn 51! Another fantastic night and show!! I just will always want MORE!!! Love you, John 5!!!!! Play the guitar, play it again, my Johnny!!!!! <3

First Time Seeing You Solo was In Greensboro…Jaw Dropped Wide Open…I Had No Idea…EXCEPTIONAL RAW Talent…You Had Me At Guitar…Your Performance of “This Is My Rifle” Blew Me Away…All I could Say was “FxxK”…Like Damn He Must Be From Venus…”A Shot Through The Heart and You’re To Blame…You give Other Guitarists A Bad Name” LOL JusKiddin’…Great Guitarist Out There…But John 5 You Are One TRUE #GuitarGodPhenomenon…Loved The Show So Much I Flew to NY the following Weekend & Met You at VIP @ BlackThorn 51…CRAZY GREAT SHOW…Cool Venue…After That I took the #TripleAxeChallenge & Took A Plane to DETROIT ROCK CITY & That’s When I Truly Experienced The Season of The Witch Tour @ The Token Lounge…That Place Is Golden…Made My Night When You Donned My Hat For Hell Haw…I APPRECIATE and ADORN THE GIFT YOU BRING THROUGH STRINGS…BTW There’s SERIOUS METAL in Michigan…You SHOULD BE PROUD…I AM!!! Thank God For John 5…Thank You John 5 for One RIGHTEOUS Season of The Witch 2017…
LOVE ALWAYS, Ciao Baby, FireWoman #Fierce5FanFreak

Your show in Greensboro, NC was incredible. Super cool meeting you and watching you and my wife Brie talk about hanging out back in the day with her friend Gray. Thanks for a great show! My now autographed John 5 gold Telecaster is proudly hanging on my wall. You rule dude!

Thank you for stopping in Pittsburgh again! You put on such a GREAT show! You put the “AWE” IN AWESOME! You leave all of us wanting more! I find myself having withdrawal for days, wanting to see you play again! Thank you for sharing your passion for playing guitar (mandolin & banjo) with us! You lit us all on fire! In place of meet & greet did you ever think of doing a guitar workshop before shows? That would be very cool. Can’t wait to see that new laser guitar!!!!

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