[interview] On The phone with John 5

Andrew Green from 94.5FM gets on the phone with John 5 to chat his new album with Invasion, what it’s like touring with Marilyn Manson again, and his KISS Instagram account.

From 94.5 FM The Buzz:

Andrew Green had the privilege of talking with the iconic Rob Zombie guitarist John 5. They talk about playing shows in different sized venues, how John gets inspiration for his guitar playing, and about his new solo album “Invasion” John talks what it was like touring with Marilyn Manson in the late 90s and early 00s and tells some insane stories. He describes their relationship now what its like sharing a tour with him. John also talks about his KISS Instagram account and John gives his dream set list if he got the chance to play with KISS.

Follow John 5’s KISS collection Instagram: @knightsinsatansservice


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