Go Venue reviews Invasion. An “explosive new album that shreds, taps and riffs into the soul”.

Go Venue Magazine reviews Invasion saying “The guitar work is absolutely on point, digitally correct and robotically harnessed as the allegory of the thematic that draw the album together.”

Invasion John 5 and The Creatures

Last week John 5 and The Creatures released their third album together (and the ninth solo studio release from John 5). There have already been some outstanding reviews for the album, and this one from Go Venue Magazine also heaps praise on Invasion:

“The nexus of the album is the guitar, and the use of styles and flavors to indicate the eclectic study base that has created John 5’s ability is astounding.   The technical ability can be heard by a novice to expert ear, the pace and texture remains smooth and the effect and amplification is that of a master at work.  It is no mistake that the varying styles are supported so well by both bass and drums too, ‘Logan MilesNix‘ drops to a country feel, funk and sporadic jazz fills to weave the underground of each track as necessary, again showcasing the talent of the musicianship in the band.  ‘Ian Ross‘ gives the basslines groove and threads each sequence perfectly and uses effect subtly and yet in equity with the rest of the track.”

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nvasion is available now digitally and a Limited Edition box set or the digipack CD are available to pre-order (coming September 1st):