Metal Rules interviews John 5; “I Have Such an Appreciation for All Types of Music!”

Metal Rules interviews John 5 and Invasion, the new tour and the next Rob Zombie album.

John 5 Metal Rules Interview

From Metal Rules:

One of the hardest working musicians on the planet has to be guitar virtuoso, John 5. He is currently on tour this summer with Rob Zombie, he released an innovative and dynamic new solo CD, Invasion, on July 31st, and he just announced a solo tour starting October 30th.

John 5’s guitar abilities are unsurpassed to most guitarists with the perfect combination of brilliant technique and style. A visionary player that can sculpt sound and bend minds in equal measure. He is a true innovator and virtuoso on the guitar. Together with Roger Carter on drums and Ian Ross on bass of The Creatures, John and his band explore every sonic highway possible; from the shredding on “Midnight Mass” to the country picking on “Howdy” to EDM on “Crack It – Living with Ghosts!”

I caught up with John to talk about his impressive new solo CD, the importance of creating a highly entertaining live show, and his Fall solo tour with Jared James Nichols.

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Interview and by Robert Cavuoto