John 5 shares with Motortrend the time Manson barfed down his Mercedes & other motoring stories.

Motortrend recently visited John 5 to talk about his past and current rides, as well as recounting the time Marilyn Manson barfed down his Mercedes.

From Motortrend:

Songwriter and guitarist John 5 now plays in major venues with Rob Zombie, but he grew up as John William Lowery, closer to the auto industry than show business, down the road from the home of Edsel Ford in Grosse Point, Michigan.

“Everybody worked at GM and Ford. Where I lived, Henry Ford, his son Edsel lived right down the road and then Henry Ford also lived right in the same neighborhood,” he tells MotorTrend. “So I lived in the same neighborhood as Henry Ford and Edsel, and it’s incredible his house is massive and it’s so interesting. I learned a lot about the Fords, because I lived literally down the street, a hundred years ago, of course.”

John 5’s dad didn’t work in the auto industry like other families in the area, but he gave his son a 1985 Ford Thunderbird. This car would take him to a new life and name—playing with Marilyn Manson’s band and with many rockers he grew up listening to.

Motortrend: Celebrity Drive: Rob Zombie guitarist & songwriter John 5: Feb 2020