[VIDEO] John 5 talks to the ‘KISS My Kollectibles’ podcast

This is the one you and we have all been waiting for. This week on the show, legendary guitarist John 5 joins us talk about his love for KISS and for collecting the band. John shares some amazing stories with us and he shows a TON of his collection via video (stick with us till the end). We laughed so much recording the show and had such a great time. A special thank you to our friend for coming on and hanging out with us. As always, sit back, enjoy, subscribe, share, and thanks for watching!

KISS My Kollectibles: March 11, 2020

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I want John’s green velvet furniture in his Kiss room! I have a stool/ footstool made of the same material/color and would live the furniture in my studio! lol! Love the 70’s vibe.Also this episode was interesting and fun. Thanks for the laughs!

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