Get your first look at the “Live Invasion” concert film

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John 5 and The Creatures brand new album and concert film “Live Invasion” is coming out this September. They are proud to give fans their first look at the film which will be available as part of a CD/DVD and a full concert stream in 4K ultra. So check out “I am John 5” which was captured at different locations all over the USA and Canada during John 5’s 2019 Invasion tour.

For pre-order options click here: (due to be shipped in October). Includes CD/DVD, 2LP and exclusive merchandise bundles plus the 4K ultra live stream which you can watch on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

Digital streaming of the album will be available from September 4th. All options are on the link:

Live Invasion was filmed and recorded in the following cities:

1. Crank It / Living With Ghosts – Sayreville, New Jersey 
2. Zoinks! – Anaheim, California 
3. I Want It All – Westland, Michigan
4. Howdy – Toronto, Canada
5. I Am John 5 – Denver, Colorado
6. Cactus Flower – Tempe, Arizona
7. Midnight Mass, Las Vegas, Nevada
8. Constant Sorrow – San Antonio, Texas
9. Medley – Nashville, Tennessee
10. Take Your Whiskey Home – Los Angeles, California – Feat Michael Anthony, Corey Taylor and Fred Coury 

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Man John 5 is such a true professional, guitar master,humble nice person. And to release this is solid gold. Ordered bundle pack very hard not to look at early or cheat. It was same way seeing/meeting him on this tour. (Waiting to hear album w/bundle pak).
Nov 11 Mon. Veterans day 18 degree nite 20 hrs to get there.
Could have easily blew St.louis off went to next show. Nope took stage 3hrs late. Blew the roof off that place. Then take time and meet fans.(malcolm young tshirt John knows. Lol) oh and his staff handling merch etc. Super cool. Class act. Thx. Fan for life.

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