[WATCH] John 5 speaks to The Sessions Panel

Be inspired and learn why John 5 believes the music industry is better than before with this exciting interview via The Sessions Panel.

The Sessions Panel is a YouTube channel that speaks to musicians and music industry heavyweights and in this latest edition chats with John 5.

From The Sessions Panel:

Practice, discipline & listening to early influencers from the start, John continues to learn & be inspired! “Just have to go after things & do things to make it work!” His drive, energy & focus help him live his life & make it happen! “Put it out in the Universe every day…put out positive vibes”. Be inspired & learn why John believes the music industry is better now than before!! The Sessions – Enrich, Educate, Empower future generations, preserving history of Artists & Music!

The Session Panel | John 5 | April 29, 2021

One reply on “[WATCH] John 5 speaks to The Sessions Panel”

Well, lets see. Jules Follett is my mom. Dom is one of my best buds and you are my favorite living guitar player, so you better believed I watched it, probably about 4X now. It is awesome!!! Thanks John for doing the sessions, I know we were all extremely excited and gracious to have you.


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