John 5 speaks to Louder Than War; “If I can inspire some people or if I can influence some people, then that’s good enough to me”.

From Louder Than War:

Prior to our conversation, John 5 told me that the new Sinner LP perfectly represents who he is as an artist. Quite an important comment, especially taking into account how much has John tried over the years – from being a staff-songwriter at Chrysalis to joining Marilyn Manson in the mid ’90s and John’s long-term creative relations with Rob Zombe.

Sinner is not a typical John 5 record, in all senses. It discloses the figure of guitarist from various angles; whether it’s distorted technicality of John’s electrified riffs or tapping into mellow acoustic-ness of songs like Georgia On My Mind or How High The Moon.

Louder Than War talks to John 5 about writing Sinner and switching from collaborator to main writer, about challenging himself and covering Les Paul, about performing live and ideas.

Louder Than War | John 5 Interview | November 2, 2021