“The Ultimate Sinner”. interviews John 5

George Dionne interviews guitarist John 5 (Rob Zombie, DLR Band) of John 5 & The Creatures for KNAC.COM. John discusses his current Sinner Tour 2022, the corresponding album he released in October, his love for Kiss merchandise and strange cats, working with Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue), and much, much more.

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Interview by: George Dionne for

Current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist JOHN 5 released his 10th solo studio album Sinner on October 29, 2021. Just in time for Halloween, but not a great time to start touring in support of it.  Sinnerfeatures guest performances by Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH), Carla Harvey (BUTCHER BABIES), and Peter Criss (KISS).

The extensive Sinner Tour 2022 officially kicked-off on April 21, 2022 for a sold out show in Roseville, California, but was quickly sidelined after a positive Covid test within the touring camp. As of the submission of this interview, the live shows were set to resume April 28, 2022 in Austin, Texas.

I had the chance to speak with JOHN 5 a couple of days before he set out on tour.

Highlights include:

  • Why ‘THE CREATURES’ in his billing is important
  • Discussion of the Sinner Tour 2022
  • The importance of recording live shows
  • Will Piggy D (THE HAXANS) jam with him live
  • The success of his 2021 album Sinner
  • His relationship with Peter Criss
  • His love for KISS merchandise 
  • How John secured a record deal with Big Machine 
  • Working with Nikki Sixx (MOTLEY CRUE)
  • The status of the L.A. RATS
  • His upcoming documentary appearance
  • Why he prefers Fender Telecasters
  • Is the art of guitar dead?
  • Living with 4 giant Sphynx cats
  • And much, much more