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Season of the Witch [2017]

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Season of the Witch John 5 and the Creatures


Original Release Date:March 3, 2017
Number of Discs:1
Label:60 Cycle Hum Records

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Track Title
Track Length
1 Book of Spells 1:38
2 The Black Grass Plague 4:03
3 Guitars, Tits and Monsters 5:51
4 Now Fear This 3:27
5 Behind the Nut Love 2:28
6 Making Monsters 4:41
7 Dr Evil’s Spookshow 0:38
8 Here’s to the Crazy Ones 4:05
9 The Macabre 1:57
10 Triple D 2:05
11 Hell Haw I.G.R. 2:56
12 Ode to Jasper 1:39
13 Season of the Witch 3:57

JOHN 5 ON Season of the Witch:

“I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do before I ever even played anything. Because I’m so involved in how music is being bought and sold and viewed and listened to, I thought, I’m going to write a song and release a video with the song every month so people really have a chance to listen to it and watch it, because what I do is visual. I think music is not being listened to these days as much as it’s being listened to and watched. Everybody is on YouTube. So I just thought this was a good way to do it because I’m acting as my own TV station, if you will. It’s working with how it all came together. I would release a song and a video every month. It really worked well and now when I start the tour, you’ll be able to buy the whole album and get it on iTunes. I’m not looking to make money on the albums. It’s just such a different form of releasing music these days. That’s why I put videos on YouTube because everyone is watching music these days.”

John 5 speaking to Ultimate-Guitar.com February 07, 2017



John 5 is, and he shows his affinity for virtuoso jamming in his new solo release ‘Season of the Witch’. John 5, previously of Marilyn Manson and currently of Rob Zombie, puts together a phenomenal body of virtuoso rock. Every track is a guitar led shred fest that quickly builds wildly progressive rhythms for John 5 to lay down his talent on top of.

‘Season of the Witch’ isn’t just a showing of John 5’s technical skill from first track to last, it gives insight to how truly diverse John 5 can be when stretching his writing muscle. You’d probably think you’re getting a typical heavy metal side project just from the packaging of this record; it’s a John 5 record called ‘Season of the Witch’ that gives you every indication it will not go in the direction it takes.

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Those familiar with John 5’s previous offerings, there is no mistaking his guitar playing for anyone else, meaning he is simply one of a kind. His current team consisting of Ian Ross on bass and Rodger Carter on drums are also very crucial to the all instrumental album.

This is especially true for Ross as the bassist, who provides a special dynamic of deep heavy bass jamming that complements John 5’s playing in just the right way. The drumming of Carter also completes the versatile musical range of John 5, going from Bluegrass, to Industrial, to Western Swing, to Rock, and back again. This is all accomplished in a very refreshing intensity on Season Of The Witch.

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John 5: Guitars, Banjos, Mandolin, Bass
Rodger Carter: Drums, Percussion
Ian Ross: Bass
Matt Bissonette:Bass on Making Monsters, Crazy Ones& Hell Haw I.G.R.

All Songs Written By: John 5
Mixed and Engineered By:Zackary Darling
Recorded and Mixed at:The Doghouse Studios
Produced By:John 5
Additional Productions:The Doghouse Studios

Artwork and Images: Matt Wilson, Piggy D, Jonny Coffin, Raziel Dead, Rohan Ocean

John 5:Fender, Marshall Amplificatio, Dean Markely, Boss, The Pick Guy
Rodger Carter:DW Drums, Paiste Symbols, Vic Firth Sticks
Ian:Fender Bass

Special Thanks:Andres, Jeremy & Nicolle Lowery, Mark Friedman, Paul Chavez, Rohan Ocean

For my wife Rita.

For Booking Inquiries USA:Monterey International – Gary Buck
International:X-Ray Touring – Steve Strange

Visit us: john-5.com

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