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KNAC reviews Invasion: “What makes John 5 that much more of an entertainer is he isn’t simply for your ears but for your eyes as well”.

Pre Order Invasion John 5 and The Creatures digital and box set

Pre Order Invasion John 5 and The Creatures digital and box set

Another fantastic review for the latest John 5 and The Creatures album Invasion, which was released earlier this week (July 31st). This time from our friends at KNAC:

Not typical of other solo records where the bulk of the music is straight Rock and/or Metal, but typical of John 5 is to always add that southern twang letting the listener know where his influence blossomed from, such as the track “Howdy”, appropriately named. With some Rock-A-Billy, a hint of Psycho-Billy and some Country Blues type swings, he also adds a variety of other genres on Invasion to noodle around with. It’s plenty more Dance than anything, with light-hearted jamming allowing him to show off his virtuosity. “Crank It” proves this with the drum-n-bass beat holding steady while John 5 gives the disco track some life. On the track “Zoinks!” he and the band really go off, showing some of that versatility the entire band possesses, with lots of funk and classic rock vibration reminiscent of some Highway Star (DEEP PURPLE).

Read the review in full here: knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=33218

Invasion is available now digitally and a Limited Edition box set or the digipack CD are available to pre-order (coming September 1st): https://smarturl.it/invasionalbumJ5

John 5 delivers some sound advice; “Just practice and sometimes opportunity will show up and there ya go.”

This is my Rifle John 5

This is my Rifle John 5

In this interview with our friends at KNAC, John talks about his solo tour, the musicians who make up the band with him (Rodger Carter and Ian Ross) and what he looked for in terms of a career when he was first starting out.

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John 5 live with the Junkman on KNAC this Monday 22 April


John 5 will be joining the Junkman on KNAC this Monday 22 April a 4pm PST. John 5 will be talking about the new Rob Zombie album Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor which is out in the USA on April 23 (out today in the UK), as well as summer touring and more.

To find out more go to: http://www.knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=9431