J5 Shows Off His Telecaster Collection to Guitar World

Photo by Esteban Cortina

John 5 will feature in the October issue of Guitar World Magazine, as he shows off his vast Telecaster collection and speaks about his latest album ‘Careful With That Axe’.

In the extract from Guitar World (see here), John speaks about how it all started for him; “It all starts when you get your first guitar for Christmas or your birthday,” John 5 explains. “You never know what that guitar is going to bring you. Is it going to bring you happiness or sadness, fortune or poverty?”

To get your copy, go here:

Photo by Esteban Cortina

One reply on “J5 Shows Off His Telecaster Collection to Guitar World”

The video interviews of John 5 are great. Keep them coming. I spend hours watching the videos, reading the articles, and learning how to play as much as I can from John. He seems so true to his art that its really hard not to like this guy. I don’t know anyone that loves music and doesn’t appreciate what he is doing, and that should be something to be very proud of… But that man might smile and move along. I like that he keeps his ego in check and gives the fans exactly what they want. The song Killafornia brings me back to when I was just a little kid playing Mega Man on nintendo. Those were good times and that sound has inspired me 4-ever. Thanks to J5 I can listen to anything by him and just really step into that zone.
When and where will I be able to get my hands on a hard copy of Careful with that axe?

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