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[Interview] “It is not even work to me. I am so lucky to be doing what I am doing” – John 5 speaks to Tattoo.com

John 5 Interview Tattoo.com

From Tattoo.com:

One of the most influential metal guitarists of all time, John 5, has made his rounds throughout the industry and blessed our ears with an unconventional skill level that is felt by coming generations of new musicians and every dose of thunder in the realm of all things heavy metal. Transporting listeners and concertgoers into a dimension of transcendence over snarling riffs and an all-out intensity that is felt deep within your core, the John 5 & The Creatures frontrunner and Rob Zombie guitarist has made a real statement of intent with an identity laced with originality. I caught up with John to discuss the upcoming release of ‘Season of the Witch’, getting tattooed at Sunset Strip Tattoo, balancing artistic mediums, and more.”

Read the interview here: tattoo.com/blog/exclusive-interview-john-5

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