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[Interview] Port City Daily interviews John 5: ” I love the stage experience. I love playing music with people really close up.”

On April 1st, John 5 and The Creatures will be playing at Calico in Wilmington NC. Ahead of that show the Port City Daily caught up with The Creatures “from the road to talk about their tour, the new album and visiting North Carolina again.”

But I love the stage experience. I love playing music with people really close up. I do enjoy playing in front of the crowds with the Rob stage, but the front row is 50 feet away sometimes. In a small show, I can put my head down and it can rest on someone’s head. Those are cool things. I love that stuff.

Because when I was a kid, I would go so people that were in major bands that were playing tiny shows, in small clubs. And I will never, ever forget those shows.

To read the interview in full, go here: portcitydaily.com/2017/03/27/10-questions-with-rob-zombies-guitarist-john-5-before-his-solo-show-in-wilmington-entertainment/

To get tickets and meet and greets, go here: http://john-5.com/main/tour/

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