[WATCH] John 5 interviewed at Riff Fest 2021: new album, Peter Criss, covering Van Halen and more

John 5 was in Michigan this weekend to play Riff Fest 2021 with Rob Zombie. While there he sat down with 101 WRIF’s Steve Black to chat about a wide range of topics, including having Dave Mustaine contributing his vocal hook for new single Que Pasa, fulfilling a life-long dream of having Peter Criss appear on forthcoming album Sinner, being thankful to the fans who have embraced his solo work and particular the new track.

They also chat about finally being able to play tracks from the new Rob Zombie album The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy to a live audience, the influence of the legend that is Jimi Hendrix to John 5’s playing and career, and how John’s cover of the Van Halen classic Take Your Whiskey Home (featuring Corey Taylor) recorded in front of a live audience for Live Invasion came to be.

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