Noisecreep interviews John 5 about Lords of Salem, his childhood and God Told Me To

Check out the new interview with John 5 by Noisecreep:

Guitar hero John 5 is a busy man. Not only is the Southern California-based axeman about to head out on tour with Rob Zombie, he’s also busy scoring the singer’s ‘Lords of Salem’ film, and on top of all that, 5 is issuing ‘God Told Me To,’ a new solo CD/DVD.

The album, which drops on May 8, invites listeners to accompany 5 on a dynamic sonic journey with some of his most adventurous fretwork yet. It truly is all in the family in John 5’s camp, as Rob Zombie himself illustrated the cover art.

Noisecreep caught up with John 5 and discussed the new album, working with Zombie and his bedtime rituals.

We have to ask — What did God tell you?

The title means more than what it sounds like. I wanted to do this so badly, to be a successful musician. Not even like a rock star. My dreams didn’t go into that area. I want to make money playing guitar. I like prayed inside of my head as a little kid. I didn’t grow up in a religious home, but we went to Midnight Mass. That was the only time I’d go to church, but when I did, I prayed that I wanted to be a successful musician. I got my wish.

I bet some fans might think the title is secretly anti religious!

It’s a lot of things. Many serial killers will say ‘God told me to.’ It’s a spin on it.

You and Rob are working together outside of music, with you scoring his film, him doing your art. Is that process diplomatic? Do you ever butt heads or have you been working together so long that it’s smooth sailing?

He’s the boss. There is no head butting — whatever he says goes. I am scoring the movie with Griffin Boyce, rocking this thing out. I don’t know how much longer we’ll be working on it, but what we have is unbelievable. We saw a little bit of the film with the music. It was incredible. I don’t score that much. But this is special and it looks incredible.

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