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Remixploitation [2010]

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Remixploitation John 5


Original Release Date:February 14, 2009
Number of Discs:1
Label:60 Cycle Hum

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Track Title
Track Length
1 Dorsia 4:02
2 Monsters and Gods 4:10
3 Say Goodnight to Your Soul 3:37
4 Sin Sin
5 Eat It Up (original track) 4:06
6 Unbelievers 3:55
7 Shoot the Dog 3:03
8 2 Bullets 3:19
9 Plastic 3:37
10 How Do You Like It 4:36


  • Opening track ‘Dorsia‘ is a remix of the track ‘Black Widow of La Porte‘ (The Devil Knows My Name).  It’s name is derived from the restaurant in American Psycho, for which Christian Bale’s sociapath character Patrick Bateman tries to get a reservation but is consistently denied.
  • Track 2, ‘Monsters and Gods‘ is a remix of the track ‘Gods and Monsters‘ (Songs For Sanity).  Interestingly both tracks features excerpts from John’s earlier work with Rob Halford and 2wo
  • Heretics Fork‘ and ‘Noisemakers Fife‘ (Requiem) receive the remix treatment on track 3, ‘Say Goodnight to Your Soul‘.  It features soundbites from the 1986 film ‘Crossroads’ (inspired by blues musician Robert Johnson).
  • Track 5, ‘Eat it Up‘ is the only original/new track on the album.
  • Track 6, ‘Unbelievers‘ is the remix for ‘Sounds of Impalement‘ originally on the album ‘Requiem‘.  It features clips from ‘Children of the Corn‘, the 1984 movie starring Linda Hamilton, which is based upon a short story by Stephen King.  The track also features soundclips from Roman Polanski’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby‘.
  • Track 7, ‘Shoot the Dog‘ remixes one of John 5’s early tracks, ‘Needles CA‘ from his debut solo album ‘Vertigo‘.  The remix features soundclips from the Robert De Niro 1991 version of the movie ‘Cape Fear‘.  You can also hear a traditional song. ‘Little Rooster‘ sung by American folk singer, Almeda Riddle on the remix.
  • 2 Bullets‘ – track 8 – is a remix of the track ‘The Werewolf of Wisteria‘ (The Devil Knows My Name) and features a soundclip from ‘Misery’ starring Kathy Bates as the homicidal ‘Number One Fan’ of James Caan.  The movie is based on a novel by author Stephen King.
  • Plastic‘ remixes the track ‘Perineum’ from ‘Songs For Sanity‘.
  • The final track, ‘How Do You Like It‘ remixes ‘The Washing Away of Wrong‘ (The Devil Knows My Name).  Soundclips from Stanley Kubrick’s film version of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining‘ are heard on this track.



The use of such soundbites, together with the album’s dark industrial aesthetic and virtuoso fretboard widdlings is kind of like Steve Vai meets G.G.F.H.

As bizarre and unlikely as that fusion of styles sounds, it actually works a treat, and the 38 minute playing time seems to pass by very quickly. For people who like both horror movies and virtuosic guitar playing, this is probably the perfect album for you. Go buy it now! 9/10

For the full review from Metal Discovery click HERE

…what we find is the 21st century guitar virtuoso experimenting with fresh approaches, a new language, and an innovative sound. His newly found methods can now be added to his pro-size portfolio of skills he’s been building ever since he’s decided he wanted to be known for being able to do it all. And with each album we see John 5 getting closer to his goal. This time he lets us know that he can now marry rock guitar and electronica the way he could always marry goth chic with superhuman instrumental craft.

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Jeff McDonogh:1/4
Bob Marlette:2/5/7/9
Chris Baseford:3/6
Sid Riggs:8/10

Mastered by:Undercurrent Studios

Management:Mark Friedman
Publicity:Nancy Sayle/VQPR
Graphic Design:Piggy D
Cover Photo:Neil Zlozower
Additional Photos:Gabrielle Geiselman

Special Thanks:Rita Aghajani, Nicole & Jeremy Lowery, Mary Kay Kirtley, Mark & Sylvia Friedman, Rob & Sheri Zombie, Tommy Clufetos, Piggy D, Richard McDonald, Alex Perez & everyone at Fender, Nick Bowcott, Karen Keeler, Emma Ludford, Andy Gould, Total Skull, Annette Pizzo, Kira Williams, Chris McGill, and oh yeah…Shitneck

& everyone at RSP Music, Lexi Baxter, Heather Slaughter, Inga, Zoli.

L.A. Direct Models:
Sonja Wenzel
Taylor Tilden
Jaclyn A. Kerrigan
Annie Cruz
Capri Cavalli
Elli Fox
Karina Vohra


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